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Evolution of Skepticism Daily – July 10th, 2012

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The Weed Blog – The Nevada Supreme Court Is Likely To Clarify State’s Medical Marijuana Laws

The Weed Blog – Ohio Decriminalizes Most Marijuana Paraphernalia

Books Live – Witchcraft-related Crimes Place Traditional Religions Under the Spotlight

AlterNet – Are Parent Trigger Laws Our New ‘Superman’ – Or Union Kryptonite?

AlterNet – The Death of Critical Thinking in Texas Public Schools

AlterNet – Church in School? In New York, A Judge Says ‘Yes’

AlterNet – How Far Is Too Far in a College Sexuality Course?

AlterNet & MSNBC – Obama Campaign Advisor Goes in on Romney’s Secret Tax Havens’s_secret_tax_havens/

Washington Post – Obama dares GOP to oppose middle class tax cuts

PoliticusUSA – Obama Devastates the GOP Argument for Extending the Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich

PoliticusUSA – Obama Explains Exactly Why He Will Veto Bush Tax Cuts For the Wealthy

Huffington Post – Mitt Romney On Offshore Investments: ‘I Don’t Even Know Where They Are’

PoliticusUSA – Mitt Romney Tells America His Finances are None of Our Damned Business

Listen to the interview here –

Huffington Post – Las Cruces Tea Party Sets Off Controversy With Confederate Flag Display

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Evolution of Skepticism Daily – July 6th, 2012

Evolution of Skepticism Daily – a new show highlighting Pagan and Atheist news from around the globe. If you have a news article or would like to have something you’ve done highlighted email me at

The Gleaner – Atheism – It Is Coming!

Hindustan Times – Two killed in Bihar for practicing witchcraft

Brisbane Times – Chapter and verse: atheism becomes a dog’s breakfast

PolicyMic – Atheist Billboards Expose Christians as Hypocrites

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Evolution of Skepticism Daily – July 5th 2012

Evolution of Skepticism Daily – a new show highlighting Pagan and Atheist news from around the globe. If you have a news article or would like to have something you’ve done highlighted email me at

Opposing Views – Video: Atheist John Wolff Files Complaint Against Restaurant’s Church-Goer Discount

LifeSiteNews – Dismantling the new atheism

BBC News – Casey Kearney killer ‘told pagan priestess of demon attack’

CNN – American Atheists Fly “Atheism is Patriotic” Banner Over NYC on July 4th

Huffington Post – Lose Your Illusions and Find Infinity: A Jewish Mystical Take on Atheism and God

TechDirt – UK Pensioner Could Face Arrest For Atheist Poster

News24 – It is really easy to be an atheist

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Evolution of Skepticism Daily – Conversion and Publicity

Evolution of Skepticism Daily – a new show highlighting Pagan and Atheist news from around the globe. If you have a news article or would like to have something you’ve done highlighted email me at

Today’s News:

Tuscon Citizen – Atheist Jim Wilson is being stalked by Christian creeps

Examiner – New Video Released, Christian/Atheist Discussion on Sciece and Religion

York Daily Record – Atheist files complaint over restaurant’s Sunday promotion

Chicago Now – Atheist Blogger, Leah Libresco Converts to Catholicism

Huffington Post – The Wiccan of Bon Temps: True Blood’s Lauren Bowles

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Evolution of Skepticism – Metaphysics

In today’s podcast we talk about Metaphysics as it relates to Cosmology, Theology and “the unseen”. We also highlight some women in politics as well as Justin’s attempt at looking like a woman. We round it all off with bringing Andie up to date on our work in progress religious organization.

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Evolution of Skepticism – Quick Cast – Can Superior Beings Exist?

Derik asks, “Can Superior Beings Exist?”

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Privatized Space Flight is Real,0,4066674.story

SpaceX, formally known as Space Exploration Technologies Corp., is the first private company to embark on such a mission. Up until now, sending a spacecraft to the space station has been a feat that has only been accomplished by four of the world’s wealthiest and most technologically advanced governments: the United States, Russia, Japan and the European Union.

SpaceX was the winner of the X-Prize a couple years ago, and since have made vast improvements on their rockets. Their methods are a far cry from what we are used to from our history of launches, especially here in America. The style of launch we’re used to costs millions of dollars only to have the rocket essentially “thrown away” and not used for a second time, the only thing typically re-used in these types of missions was the shuttle. SpaceX has changed all of that, their rockets are actually meant to be recovered and relaunched multiple times, cutting costs dramatically and allowing Privatized Space launches to occur more frequently. They have also been able to secure the contract to resupply the Space Station.

Check out more on SpaceX:

And if you’re watching this prior to May 26, you can watch live coverage of this historic launch here:


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Evolution of Skepticism – Episode 7 – Uncovering One Atheists Beliefs

After posting a video asking about beliefs I got an interesting response stating that Atheists are incapable of belief.

Well luckily Justin just so happens to be an Atheist, let’s find out what he believes.


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What Do I Have to Gain?

I don’t mind being a follower of a “poor” religion, it keeps me in sync with the reality around me. My religious choice is more commonly associated with hippies and unshaved women than narcissistic hate mongers… This doesn’t bother me at all.

Christ Co. is big business, and this link is all about proving it! Do you buy Christy Flakes?

What Do I Have to Gain?.

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Science Find New Potential for Creation of Life as We Know It

Cosmic-Ray Shielding Key for Life?

The absence of a bow shock is significant, McComas said, because it may indicate that the heliosphere is actually more robust than thought.

With less pressure from outside material, the boundary region isn’t being compressed and therefore weakened as much as expected, which means it should better repel cosmic rays.

(Related: “Solar System ‘Force Field’ Shrinks Fast.”)

And understanding exactly how the heliosphere acts as a gatekeeper for cosmic rays could help scientists evaluate the chances for life on other worlds.

According to McComas, some researchers believe that the cosmic rays that do get through the heliosphere can impact Earth’s climate, because the high-energy particles can ionize—or electrically charge—matter in the atmosphere, leading to heightened cloud formation and lightning generation.

Other experts think the particles could even be related to bursts of evolution or extinction in our planet’s history, because the radiation can influence DNA patterns.

So, this kind of finding makes an interesting point. In my opinion it seriously removes the potential of a “God’s special little planet” theory completely. I don’t argue that there is likely life on other planets, as a matter of fact I would be interested in finding out if these other beings are sentient and if so, do they have a religious philosophy like our own? Or are extra-territorials atheists or, in my opinion better yet, polytheists, or do they actually have a monotheistic view to themselves?

Many BibleFearers, will be quick to conclude that these findings are not proof but rather just another attempt at masking the proof of their bible. My world view does allow for things like this, these cosmic rays do not yet have a full explanation, but that’s the universe, we don’t need to have a concrete explanation, in fact the pursuit of knowledge is probably one of the most enjoyable events in life in my opinion.

So whether you worship the universe as a monotheistic deity, polytheistic deities, or just the universe as a standard of reality, you have to admit, we live in very informative days if you’re willing to open your eyes and accept that we are just a small cog in the workings of this ultimate power that surrounds us.

Blessed Be,

– Derik

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