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Time is a precious commodity something we often feel we have a tremendous amount of until we try to fit everything we are attempting to do in such a limited space. Lately I have been attempting to do just that, fit what would be considered 30+ man hours of work in what would be considered a 24 hour day, that does not bring in the concept of sleep which has been limited or broken at best.

So this commodity that we consider so abundant yet fleeting has gotten the better of me, I have to consider what I have the ability to work into a schedule that is already full and begin to prioritize some things. One thing that will end up becoming a lot less frequent will be posts here at EoS, I have to consider the direction this page will go in, for to long it has been derailing from the original message to a concept of “look at me I can point my finger at Christians and laugh about them shopping at Christ Co. and getting their Moses Flakes.”

That’s not what it was originally meant for, but it was an easy avenue to follow and got peoples attention. But it’s not what I wanted this site or the podcast to be known for. So, it’s time for me to step back and reassess my delivery and how exactly I will push forward, this is by no means me saying that I am quitting, just pausing so that I can ensure a longer time of posting and/or producing quality blog/podcast materials.

To those that have been subscribing please keep a look out for updates.

Thanks to those that have supported me for this amount of time, I will indeed be back sooner rather than later.


I hate politics…

I truly have a  love/hate relationship with politics, even as I sit and think about this post I can’t help but feel somewhat annoyed by the fact that I have decided to write it.

Now I let me rephrase that a little, I don’t hate politics in general, I hate modern U.S. politics but more over modern U.S. politicians. These people constantly attempt to use the government and law to force their belief systems onto those that do not share similar beliefs and then use the statement “[insert belief] is the foundation of this great country!” Yes typically this reflects towards the Christian vocal majority, but is not limited to religious context by any means. They believe that using dead people that can’t speak for themselves as a reference point validates their statement and desires.

So here’s a quick little rant before I get into the real reason I am writing this:

  • Our forefathers did not draft any documents related to the foundation of this country in an attempt to describe anything near what is currently labelled “Free Market”.
  • Christianity was not the foundation of America, as a matter of fact, once you can actually label which sect of Christianity is the “right” version of it, let me know because each of these cults are setting foundations that contradict each other on every thing except the belief in the Judeo-Christian God and JC, speaking of Judaism, most “True Jews” as I like to call them find your little book and stories of JC and “God” as far fetched as most Atheists do.
  • Most of our forefathers would be closer to modern libertarians than any other political party represented today and if you actually read what was written, all they wanted was liberty from an Oppressive government, if you listened to those that you represent you would realize that we currently are establishing an oppressive government similar to the one that our forefathers fought to be free of.
  • Two party system will never work, all you are ever doing in that case is choosing who will do a less terrible job rather than choosing the right man for the job.
  • The current candidate system is flawed beyond belief, if there was one thing I would personally gut from the process of becoming an elected official it is the fact that you must raise money to be nominated. The nomination process should not be a matter of who can collect the most money but rather who has a better plan and foundation to lead this country, state, county, city, town, neighborhood in the right direction.
  • If we maintained a fund raising scheme it should be to give that elected official the means to live during their “tour of duty” as an elected official, this is because I believe that political office should be a volunteer assignment and if that person cannot raise the funds to live off of during their stay in office, they can have a real job like the rest of the country.
  • All claimed “plans” or ideas for improving the “system” should be required to be published and unable to be altered once nominated. This publication should be freely available to anyone who would like to understand it and/or question it.
  • It should also be required that once in office anyone that gives a “donation” to an elected official, whether it be buying lunch or giving a cash donation should be publicly available for viewing, the day to day interactions regarding political agendas or advancement should be public record, this could entail but should not be limited to video surveillance of the political official whenever acting in an official manner or while under the protection of federal agents.
  • If a politician mentions any form of religious sect/cult/denomination as a reason or motivating factor in a decision that they are to make their vote/nomination/submission should be disqualified for reasons similar to that of a public official receiving a bribe.

Those are just a few things that I think are currently wrong, or could be corrected in the current U.S. political scene. Yes I understand that these changes could easily create more issues, but if you can think of an issue that can be created by them, then it is something that can be corrected. That is one of the major problems with our country as it currently stands, we see problems but hold no power to change them due to the fact that we have so many lifer’s as politicians or we are choosing the “lesser of two evils” so to speak. This is exactly how I feel about our current presidential election that is coming in November, we are not choosing the best man for the job, instead we are choosing the lesser of two evils in our own eyes. Neither truly deserves to sit in office, in my personal opinion Obama didn’t deserve the Democratic nomination in 2008, I was a Clinton fan for the Democratic candidate and it wasn’t because she was a woman, it was due to her understanding of political office, her track record in foreign policy and her blatant understanding of the working class American. Sure Obama paints youth centers and volunteered to aid inner city youth, but what good does that do if those same kids parents don’t have the money to put food on the table?

“So what Derik? This is a lot of bitching but no substance.” is what I am assuming everyone who has read this far is saying, well, here’s my ultimate statement. Mitt Romney should win the 2012 presidential election. Not because he is the best man for the job, not because he is the lesser of two evils, but rather because he is the greater of two evils. He has shown his true colors and we know what he is truly about, this is an oppressive dictator of a man who would take the U.S. for everything it has and then apply for Canadian citizenship or move to a Non-extradition country so that we could not pursue him. This is the man that would take all of the asphalt roads in America, tear them up and milk all of the petroleum out of them to make gas despite us not having the roads to drive on, this is the man that would clear cut America for an extra nickel on his hourly wage. He would have us living in hovels and caves so that he could sell the timber and building materials from our homes to China or Columbia just so that he could buy a new vacation home. We know this about him, we understand the true evil this man represents.

“Derik you’ve gone off the deep end with this one buddy! With all of that we should be fighting to keep him out of office!” is what I am sure you’re thinking at this point, that is if you haven’t stopped reading and closed this by now. But hear me out, when the revolutionary war occurred it was an outcry due to taxation without representation, it was a statement that enough was enough and we were through with being oppressed by a blind dictatorship that did not hold our well being as their main concern, but rather just desired to line their own pockets and live the good life. So, this is what Mitt Romney wants to do with America, it’s evident in his speeches and his blatant acknowledgment of his backers. So why do I want him to become president of the U.S.? Because he’s the man that will likely insight a new revolution, he is the man that will push this country and those that go about their lives blindly into standing up and recognizing the culture that we currently live in. He will start the revolution and usher us into a new United States of America, we will have a civil war again, but this time it will be the embodiment of the majority versus the vocal majority, there will be an uprising and a reclaiming of the power that the people once had, once again the majority of the people and the voice of the people will be heard rather than manipulated and tossed by the way side for a profit. We will no longer be marginalized. It will take someone like Mitt Romney to finally wake us up and get the majority to fight back rather than watch and live vicariously through people like the Occupy Movement or Anonymous.

So, at this point I say we have two options (1) we continue to hobble along with false representatives like Obama or (2) we elect a person that will unify the country in the desire for a true democracy again and inspire a revolution, we elect Mitt Romney the man we all know will happily drive this country into ruin, and then we stand up and we fight back.

No longer should we accept “almost enough”, no longer should we feel as if our hands are bound due to a blatant disconnect between the people and those that are elected to represent us. No longer should we have a feeling of dread when we hear about a new law or a new bill being considered or passed in congress, our elected officials should be celebrated as heroes and heralds of our political ideals, not puppets of the wealthy.

So, I say if you truly desire a return to “the good old days” or truly believe in democracy and the voice of the people, that in November you elect Mitt Romney, he may be the worst of the worst, but one good thing will come of his term in office, and that is the people taking this country back and making it ours again.

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Please welcome a new author… Justin

I’d like to welcome a new author to Evolution of Skepticism. This is a good friend of mine, he is a writer about philosophy and atheism. This is a portion of the changes that I spoke about, while this part was a pleasant surprise, I have asked Justin to assist me in performing a podcast. We are both getting our microphones together and hope to start getting the pilot podcast out in the next couple weeks.

More on Justin, as I said before, he is a good friend of mine offline. We know each other from my most recent employer, he is a very active writer on one subject I must say I am fairly weak on, which is philosophy. You can currently read some of his work here.

Please help me welcome Justin to Evolution of Skepticism.

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Quick Update

Hey guys,

Just wanted to post a quick little update to let everyone know that I haven’t fallen for any silver tongued serpent or went to talk to any burning bushes or anything like that. I am actually putting together a couple of ideas that I look forward to unveiling as soon as I get more information to back it up.

Other than that, just wanted everyone to know that I am using my new found free time wisely. Spending some very needed time with the wife and kid and getting things ready to really take off on a couple of projects. This one and one more which I am VERY excited about… more information to come…

Here is a glimpse into the near future though…

Next week I will be starting on reading one of Scott Cunningham’s published works related to Wicca and being a solitary practitioner. I am intending on bringing a chapter by chapter review.
With this I also intend on bringing a brand new Youtube channel related to this subject matter, I am hoping to bring interviews and reviews related to religious and social skepticism.

More information will come with the youtube channel within the next couple days.

I look forward to the near future,

and as always, question everything.

– Derik

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Hello everyone, welcome to my blog.

This blog isn’t going to move very fast at first, hopefully it will move faster as we progress but for the time being hopefully I can get about one post a week out at the beginning.


My reason for only expecting to post once a week or so is because I want to perform as much research as possible related to the given subject.


Here are my methods to find relevance within the subjects that I will be focusing on:

  • Read/Listen to the claim
  • Validate the claim through a majority (typically using Internet searches to find others with similar beliefs)
  • Inquiry – I will attempt to contact someone that seems to have a firm understanding of the subject in question and ask questions related to my skepticism.
  • Find proof of tangible evidence
  • If tangible evidence is not obtainable I will attempt to locate solid claims with verifiable proof


Each of these are important by themselves but together in my opinion they create a rock solid case for truth. To get me to completely believe a statement they will have to pass four out of five of these categories. If it passes three, then I will conclude that it is plausible, but not confirmed meaning that more proof would need to be available for a confirmed decision.

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