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Science Find New Potential for Creation of Life as We Know It

Cosmic-Ray Shielding Key for Life?

The absence of a bow shock is significant, McComas said, because it may indicate that the heliosphere is actually more robust than thought.

With less pressure from outside material, the boundary region isn’t being compressed and therefore weakened as much as expected, which means it should better repel cosmic rays.

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And understanding exactly how the heliosphere acts as a gatekeeper for cosmic rays could help scientists evaluate the chances for life on other worlds.

According to McComas, some researchers believe that the cosmic rays that do get through the heliosphere can impact Earth’s climate, because the high-energy particles can ionize—or electrically charge—matter in the atmosphere, leading to heightened cloud formation and lightning generation.

Other experts think the particles could even be related to bursts of evolution or extinction in our planet’s history, because the radiation can influence DNA patterns.

So, this kind of finding makes an interesting point. In my opinion it seriously removes the potential of a “God’s special little planet” theory completely. I don’t argue that there is likely life on other planets, as a matter of fact I would be interested in finding out if these other beings are sentient and if so, do they have a religious philosophy like our own? Or are extra-territorials atheists or, in my opinion better yet, polytheists, or do they actually have a monotheistic view to themselves?

Many BibleFearers, will be quick to conclude that these findings are not proof but rather just another attempt at masking the proof of their bible. My world view does allow for things like this, these cosmic rays do not yet have a full explanation, but that’s the universe, we don’t need to have a concrete explanation, in fact the pursuit of knowledge is probably one of the most enjoyable events in life in my opinion.

So whether you worship the universe as a monotheistic deity, polytheistic deities, or just the universe as a standard of reality, you have to admit, we live in very informative days if you’re willing to open your eyes and accept that we are just a small cog in the workings of this ultimate power that surrounds us.

Blessed Be,

– Derik

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