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Evolution of Skepticism – Quick Cast – What Would You Do?

Derik asks what you would do if you faced with the fact of your faith or lack of faith being wrong.

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Questions for Christ Theists

Why should an average person believe in a god that damns them from the beginning when there are other religions out there that are happy to show these people, from the start, that religions very own version of salvation and paradise while not limiting their choice of worship?

If the bible is the word of god, why does an average worshiper of god have to read other peoples interpretation of the bible to clarify errors?

Does a lack of knowledge of these peoples point of view make them less Christian? If not then what is the purpose of these books for an average Christian?

What would Jesus do when his beliefs were opposed by a “non-believer”?

Why is accepting others beliefs difficult for so many Christian?

If God made all man, why did he choose the Jews in the old testament as his chosen people?

What is the unarguable message of God? Not the bible, God.

How do you know the word of God has not changed since the writing of the bible?

Why does the rapture sound so much like a Zombie Apocalypse from a cheesy B movie?

Why are there so many variations of Christ Theism?

If there is an absolute God and an absolute word of god, then which christ belief system is the right one?

Why have so many Christians broke the kosher laws? If you do not follow the kosher laws, why?

If you had another man/woman of god inform you that you were worshiping incorrectly would you change your ways based on their belief systems morals and christ belief system?

What christian belief system do you follow? Why not another?

Why did God damn you for the choice of another person?

If you did not know another person that believed in Christ would you still worship? Why?


When answering these questions please try to keep your response a statement unless you truly need clarification on the meaning of a question, these questions are meant to catalog a set of world views. If you choose to challenge a question that is fine and I appreciate your challenge, I will respond accordingly if warranted.

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