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Today’s question comes from someone who calls himself Hezekiah Ahaz

Today’s question comes from someone who calls himself Hezekiah Ahaz.


This was written on a blog by another up and coming Theism Skeptic. The original question was written by our good Christian Apologist friend Hezekiah Ahaz, I like some of the ideas pvblivs comes up with to answer them.

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I am Hezekiah Ahaz’s Christian God

This is a tall claim I know, but hear me out.

I was doing some research on Christian Artifacts and came across the Shroud of Turin. This was supposed to be the linen that JC was wrapped in after his death. So, I figured I would do a little digging myself into the bible, and I found…. inconsistencies… big shocker there right? As you can see here, I wrote a post about these inconsistencies, because I felt that something so crucial as the death of JC, which so many Christians base their belief around, would have to have been clear and without question, an easy thing to account for right? Well it seems that concept was as far fetched as talking snakes. Now this post isn’t about rehashing the previous post, instead it was a little experiment that I decided to conduct in conjunction with this post.

Here’s my evidence that I am Hezekiah Ahaz’s god.

I am Hezekiah Ahaz's God

Here is 2 time stamps after posting, less than 3 minutes apart for each time.

For further proof I did decide to take a screen shot with a website open that showed the time in PDT (from Los Angeles) to show that I did not go back and write it again. The full prediction and proof is listed on the blogspot page, but I will also copy it over here for easier reading.

The important thing to keep in mind is that I often predict what this man is going to do prior to him doing it. If you wish to categorize it like this, I often compel his arguments to be the way I desire them to be and this makes for a much easier time when dealing with him.

With this I recommend anyone who does not subscribe to the Christian Apologist view points to band together and designate a “Non-Christian Apologist” day. Where if you are approached, whether it be on a blog or in person, you ignore their advocacy of their faith and instead just smile at them and dismiss them like the children they are. Most of these people are as easy to deal with as a child. So to further solidify my point I submit to you the posts that prove my claim without a doubt in not just my mind, both others that I have begun to share it with.

My claim:

My original post:

My informing Hezekiah and his response of “read the bible”:

My clarification that he was in fact responding to my post when he said “read the bible”:



I am Hezekiah Ahaz’s God

11:07 PM PDT

My wife says I am God.

I believe her.

Here is proof:

To date, I have been able to predict the actions of one Christian Apologist, Hezekiah Ahaz.

Today after writing this, I will publish a blog post at

This will be able the inconsistencies of the New Testament of the Christian Bible.

This will compel Hezekiah to post a response once made aware of this post.

He will refute stating that these inconsistencies are explained either in another book or through a philosophical explanation. I do not expect him to quote what Sye states, which is that he knows this through revelation. It may be a better argument in the end.

With this prediction, I am proving the rest of my wife’s claim, which is as follows:

I am a shaman.

BibleGod was a shaman leader of a warrior tribe that both knew people was able to manipulate his followers, resulting in “the victor writes history.”

Hezekiah claims to speak to BibleGod through prayer, Hezekiah speaks to me through the internet or “magic communication” in the time of the writings of the bible.

Hezekiah is compelled by the word of god, my writings compel him to respond, meaning he is compelled to do my will, as is shown by my writing of this, which dictates that I desire him to respond to my writing.

Posted by Derik Bernhardt at 11:07 PM

After reading these, you may say “well he said ‘read the bible’ not it is in [blank] book.”, but if you consider the fact that all Christians do agree on one thing, and that is the bible is a compilation of books, his assertion that I should read the bible would indicate that although these things are inconsistent the reality is that he is saying it is explained later, in a different book within the bible. I went on to clarify that he indeed was responding by asking him on a different post to describe BibleGod, this has been it’s own fun, but not the point of this post.

Come to your own conclusions, but I am now happy to be +1 worshiper in Hezekiah Ahaz, welcome to Polytheism my friend.

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