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Evolution of Skepticism – Quick Cast – Can Superior Beings Exist?

Derik asks, “Can Superior Beings Exist?”

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Ancient Judeo-Christians believe in Aliens! Proof!

Dead Sea Scrolls - Great Isaiah Scroll

Dead Sea Scrolls - Great Isaiah Scroll

Well maybe not aliens like what you or I know as aliens. After reading more of the text I believe them to be speaking of the Greeks and similar cultures to the Greeks where Polytheism and idols were an everyday occurrence. Also these lands were rich in silver and gold, which is also mentioned within the scroll. What really got me was not only that it said they please themselves with the brood of aliens, but also that further down it continues to sound more like a declaration of war than some form of religious texts. The statements that are made seem more like a command to conquer and then hide while HeSham comes down and shakes the earth.  So these sound more like warring overlords than a god issuing knowledge to his worshipers.

But in the end I find it interesting that the Sumerians are said to believe in aliens as their creators, and now I have read translated text from one of the original Judeo-Christian documents mentioning aliens. Obviously the word Aliens may not have been the literal meaning, but it is close enough that those translating it are happy with such translations.

So, either early Jews believed in aliens and that their god did not represent all man on earth as creator and god. Or that their god did not rule over these other people, which most likely means he didn’t create them, and that these are more battle orders than knowledge of other cultures. Either way it issues commands to go and conquer these “alien fuckers” and take all of their silver and gold for the Jews.

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