My name is Derik,

I am a skeptic at heart. This means that I like cold hard facts and findings. I am unwilling to accept “here-say” or a publication that makes claims without tangible facts supporting it, as fact or law. These things must be dissected and revealed for what they are no matter what that is. If it is fact then it should be proven as fact but if it is false, it should be exposed and understood that these claims are fantasy.

This blog is my dissection of religious and society from a normal persons stand point. Yes I think I fit this bill and through my writings I will show why I feel I am a perfect candidate to do these things. Most of these types of blogs are written by people with a serious bias towards one position or another, or some whiny ass that doesn’t have a better question than “why?” to ask of these publications and claims.

So this blog is to highlight my questions about religion and society.

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