Bringing Skepticism to Faith

Often people, specifically monotheists that have a staunch belief in their holy text, ask me why I would hold my faith in skepticism if I had true belief in it. To me it always seemed like a bit of a silly question, why wouldn’t I hold my religious views in skepticism? It allows me to grow personally and spiritually to ask what the motives behind my beliefs are.

For instance:

Are they political, and if so has my view on religious politics changed?

Are they motivational and if so has my need for motivation changed or have I accomplished the task I needed such motivations for?

Are they rooted in morality and if so has my opinion on such morality changed?

Was I deceiving myself by feeling the necessity for such beliefs and if so have I opened my eyes to the real need such beliefs fulfilled?

These are typically the questions I ask myself as I move through my life in my belief/religious choices, it helps me assess where I stand as a person and as an entity of nature. With Pagan religions we don’t have a single book to follow without question, we often need to share stories of experience and knowledge passed from generation to generation, or from teacher to student. So we have to make a choice, do we believe a single source without question and with “blind faith” or do we continue to grow and absorb knowledge to form our own belief system that is tailored and attuned to our lifestyle and personalities?

I have found that attuning to my lifestyle and personality changes as I grow and as I age, this allows my beliefs to solidify in some areas and stay fluid in others. Those things that stay solidified are things such as the Wiccan Rede and the Law of Three, as well as Karma and reincarnation. Through experience I have found these things to just be simple fact within my life, they happen without prompting and without question. For instance, the term “old soul” often strikes me as an amazing statement because it sums up the concept that we cannot learn everything we need to know and understand without having lived multiple times on this world. We have not been able to explain through science how a child can have knowledge or experiential understanding of a situation that they have never been presented with. This is evidence of reincarnation in my eyes and until I can find a better reason for such things I will continue to believe that, though that doesn’t stop me from keeping my eye firmly on the subject and questioning if it is still valid within my world view.

If you would like to watch me grow and evolve within my own beliefs, and learning from others perspectives so that I can better tailor my current understanding of this wonderful world we live in, please visit my blog at:

Feel free to comment on anything posted, interestingly enough I have a friend that posts articles on the blog that are from an Atheist perspective also, so we offer two very different points of view on very similar subjects. We also do a weekly podcast that we publish on Youtube at


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