Debate Questions for the Hezekiah vs. Derik

Midnight EDT has come and gone.

Justin has decided on the 2 questions to be asked from Hezekiah due to his choice. [link]

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“This criticism of Kant on Empiricism and Rationalism was undoubtedly correct as faras his contention that the mind of man and the facts of the universe should never havebeen separated is concerned. But it is equally true that the more fundamental questionstill is whether the mind of man should ever have been thought of in separation from themind of God. How can the human mind know anything about any of the facts of theuniverse if these facts as well as the mind itself are not related upon the basis of a morefundamental unity in the plan of God? Yet it is exactly Kant’s contention that the humanmind does have a sphere of knowledge of its own apart from its relation to God and apartfrom the relation of the facts to God. And this position would not be tenable unless themind of man were independent of the divine mind in some essential respect. In reality itmatters not whether one says that man knows one fact or a thousand facts or all factsapart from God. In all cases he is equally antitheistic. Even to say that one fact isknowable to man directly apart from the relation of both fact and mind to the plan of Godis in effect to deny that God is absolutely self-conscious. It is in effect to deny that realitymust ultimately and exclusively be interpreted in eternal categories. Even to say that onefact can be known by man apart from God is to deny the representational character ofhuman thought. It would be to claim originality for human thought. As such it would be adenial of the creation of man by God.”

posted by Hezekiah Ahaz at 9:57 PM on May 1, 2012

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OpenID evolutionofskepticism said…
not exactly sure why you needed to break such small posts into three parts… Just seems like a bunch of fluff really…

anyways… remember to go over and choose your two questions for the debate so I don’t have to have Justin or a third party choose them at midnight.

May 1, 2012 10:35 PM

Blogger Hezekiah Ahaz said…
Let justin pick.

May 1, 2012 10:42 PM

So, without further adieu here are the questions compiled for the debate:


1. What is your standard of truth?

2. Are the laws of rationality and logic absolute?

1. What is your Theism’s penultimate message to be delivered to those interested in knowing more?

2. Is it a crime against your theism to partake in cardinal pleasures?
Christopher Randolph

1. Have you held a conversation with your deity/deities? If not how do you know you are enacting their will?

1. What racial ethnicity is your deity?

2. Pants, should women wear them or not? Why? (Elaberate please?)
Jim from Fundamentally Flawed

1. Could you ask him to give you an example of when a faith based position is demonstrably weaker than one based upon objectively valid evidence? –
Spiritblaize / Blaize Rockett

1. If Jesus is God as portrayed by the trinity taught by Christians then why would he say My father says this.. My father says that.. in my Fathers house.. Father forgive them… Explain how you are not worshiping multiple Gods when you pray to a minimum of 2 separate entities in Jesus and God.

1. Why have Christians taken Heathen or Pagan holidays and turned them into Christian holy days? For example; Christmas is the celebration of the winter solstice and the new year, it’s Yuletide, NOT Christ’s birthday. All of the traditions you hold on this day, on Easter (Easter actually being the Anglicized name of a Goddess, Eostre, or Ostara) NOT the resurrection of Christ, on Valentine’s Day, May Day, Halloween, all are pre-Christian and rooted in Pagan holidays. The days of the week; Sunday (Sunna’s Day), Monday (Mani’s Day), Tuesday (Tyr’s Day), Wednesday (Odin’s Day), Thursday (Thor’s Day), Friday (Freyja’s Day), Saturday (Saturn’s Day)… I guess the real question is; Don’t you find it sinful to just go about your day to day life and celebrate your holidays?

We will start with Hezekiah’s questions, because he was the one offering the challenge I will also offer him the initiative on all questions.

If you are unaware of the guidelines set for this debate, you can go here to review them.


Blessed Be…

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