Please welcome a new author… Justin

I’d like to welcome a new author to Evolution of Skepticism. This is a good friend of mine, he is a writer about philosophy and atheism. This is a portion of the changes that I spoke about, while this part was a pleasant surprise, I have asked Justin to assist me in performing a podcast. We are both getting our microphones together and hope to start getting the pilot podcast out in the next couple weeks.

More on Justin, as I said before, he is a good friend of mine offline. We know each other from my most recent employer, he is a very active writer on one subject I must say I am fairly weak on, which is philosophy. You can currently read some of his work here.

Please help me welcome Justin to Evolution of Skepticism.


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  1. #1 by Hezekiah Ahaz on April 6, 2012 - 9:00 pm

    Welcome Justin.

    By the way don’t expect Justin’s “philosophy” to be found in any serious philosophy text or department any time soon.

    Hi derik long time .

    • #2 by Derik on April 6, 2012 - 9:55 pm

      Welcome HA,

      I’m curious how you are so certain that Justin’s writings will not be published. I find his examinations to be quite thought provoking, this may not be the case for someone who has decided that anything that disagrees with the persons chosen path is absolutely wrong. I find myself making the choice of examination, for instance I have a post related to the origin of fire (check it out here, I posted it on your blog a while ago.) and in the comments to that post a person mentions that the Sumerians could potentially be the ones that could make claim of the first use of fire, another person mentioned that there has been archaeological evidence of fire prior to the documented use of fire by the Sumerians, in fact Justin located an article stating that Homo Erectus was using fire prior to Homo Sapien. You can read more about that by following the link and reading the post and comments.

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