Quick Update

Hey guys,

Just wanted to post a quick little update to let everyone know that I haven’t fallen for any silver tongued serpent or went to talk to any burning bushes or anything like that. I am actually putting together a couple of ideas that I look forward to unveiling as soon as I get more information to back it up.

Other than that, just wanted everyone to know that I am using my new found free time wisely. Spending some very needed time with the wife and kid and getting things ready to really take off on a couple of projects. This one and one more which I am VERY excited about… more information to come…

Here is a glimpse into the near future though…

Next week I will be starting on reading one of Scott Cunningham’s published works related to Wicca and being a solitary practitioner. I am intending on bringing a chapter by chapter review.
With this I also intend on bringing a brand new Youtube channel related to this subject matter, I am hoping to bring interviews and reviews related to religious and social skepticism.

More information will come with the youtube channel within the next couple days.

I look forward to the near future,

and as always, question everything.

– Derik


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