Fire, where is it from?

Often the debate between Atheist’s and Theists are all about the facts. The fact of evolution, the fact of existence, the fact of the fact.  It goes on and on, neither side truly making head-way.

One of the questions I often ask of anyone that claims to have the existence of another influencing my thoughts and fate is “Where did fire come from?”

I mean, the Greeks had Prometheus, just about every native american culture has a story where they were provided fire by a superior being, even the Norse had a means as to how they got fire.

Now Atheists will answer quite simply along the lines of “it was an accident” citing the creation of tools and sparks igniting brush or what ever slight difference between the variations occurred. No matter how an Atheist answers it usually relates to happening upon the situation. And honestly, I’ve had personal experiences that can help me imagine the validity of this claim. Granted, no-one can verify who was the first to figure out fire, or even if that person had a name.

Now an idea I have a serious issue wrapping my head around is that we were just granted such knowledge by a superior being. The Greeks had Prometheus have his liver eaten out of his body everyday only to have it regrow while he slept. In most native american legends have the god showing or bestowing fire upon us, similar means are used in Norse mythology.

Now I can even also accept someone coming down the mountain running like hell to give a human a means of creating flame like a baton. But the one concept that I cannot accept is that we just suddenly “knew” how to make fire. We are not born with such knowledge, so obviously it has to be learned, that right there makes me disbelieve that “god” or “gods” bestowed us with such knowledge.

So in my opinion, this had to be a discovery, and very likely by accident.

Do you have a tangible reference to prove your claim of the origin of fire?

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  1. #1 by mrgoodnkinky on March 22, 2012 - 9:04 pm

    I would say the most likely and logical answer would be the ancient Sumerians. Considering that had over 100 firsts. The fact that they had Cuneform tablets which told their creation story they would’ve had to have fire to bake the clay tablets.
    Where the knowledge of fire would’ve come from would be the same place their knowledge of Beer, Mathematics, Pottery just to name a few came from. That would be their Gods but we would call them Aliens.
    The Sumerians are an oddity in many ways because they defy the evolution idea because we have no culture that they could’ve learned anything from. Their existence and more then that their detailed knowledge of the solar system. Knowing the number of planets, their size & color are things that simply make no logical sense given there is no way they could’ve known that. However NASA confirmed the Sumerian writings about the planets were in fact correct.
    In 1983 NASA first mentioned finding a planet beyond Pluto which they called planet X. The Sumerians called it Nibiru and claimed it was the home of their Gods.

    Now I understand all of this is a bit out there. And I want to say i don’t blindly buy the Nibiru End of the world shit. But there are simply to many oddities with the Sumerians to simply dismiss them.
    I would say it is at least possible if not likely that modern humans came about via Alien Genetic manipulation. Especially considering we have started screwing with that very thing ourselves. If Aliens did speed up the evolution process for the purposes of having slaves then logically they would’ve known of fire and simply taught that among the other things they obviously did given what records exist from Sumer and the Sumerians.

    This isn’t an Alien of the gaps idea. The Alien connection is only with the Sumerians and maybe just maybe some aspects of Egypt. However clearly if an advanced life form was here for whatever reason. Perhaps it was Gold as i have seen mentioned. They most definitely left.
    Will they return????
    I don’t know but clearly the Sumerians thought they would and there are tons of ideas of the Gods (Aliens) returning.

    I hope this answers it without going to far into the twilight zone.

    • #2 by Derik on March 23, 2012 - 12:01 pm

      This is a very interesting take, and as you noticed I read your recent post about the Sumerians and the Christian’s use of Sumerian stories within the bible. I have heard a few theories on extra-terrestrial transplant and they always interest me.

  2. #3 by Dalillama on April 5, 2012 - 12:10 pm

    The suggestion that the Sumerians were the first humans to use fire is absurd on the face of it. Every human culture in existence uses fire, including many societies which had no contact with Sumer whatsoever. For that matter, pottery has been in use for a minimum of 20,000 years, whiile the Sumerian culture only cropped up ca 6-7,000 years ago, nor can Sumer claim sole credit for beer, as there is evidence of rice beers in what’s now China from the same era. Even casual research on these subjects would have told you this, and none of it requires aliens or gods to be involved, nor is there the slightest evidence of same.

    • #4 by Derik on April 5, 2012 - 8:29 pm

      I must agree with you on this because if the Sumerians were the originals with fire, how does that account for fire use of the Aztec, Mayan, and other western native cultures. Fire would have to predate the potential human migration over the ice bridge. Also there have been recent findings showing that fire use may have been passed down from Homo Erectus [citing]. This even predates potential Sumerian claims of being the originators of fire.

      • #5 by Dalillama on April 6, 2012 - 3:59 pm

        Yes, even prior to those findings, fire use was know to have originated >700,000 ya, making Sumer completely impossible as a source. Indeed, it is not at all clear that Sumer was the first civilization to have even such things as mathematics, as there are numberous civilizations throughout the Fertile Cresent and South Asia which we have no actual documentation of, only buildings and occasional potsherds, so it’s not clear to what extent they may have understood math. These cultures date to 8000-15,000 ya, predating Sumer. The recent discoveries of yet older fire use indicate that fire was tamed by pre-human hominids, and dovetails with recent biological research indiating that cooked food is an integral part of out evolution into our current form. Evidenc adduced to this claim includes our relatively weak jaws and small teeth. compared to other primates, and our metabolically expensive brains, which require cooked food in order for us to be able to ingest enough calories in a day to support ourselves. Chimpanzees spend upwards of 30% of their waking time eating. Not searching for food, but actuall eating the food that they have. Chewing uncooked vegetation is a time consuming process, and uncooked meat only marginally less so.

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