So I was commenting over at a blog based around Christian Apologetic’s (here). And the writer of the blog recommended that I should have taken philosophy to better understand my senses, or at least to understand how to use them to quantify reality. I have never seen a situation where philosophy has provided unarguable evidence towards their claim. It is usually a hypothesis at best and can usually be discredited by the simplest of questions such as “Why?”, “Where?”, “When?” or “How?”


When you can argue a claim with such simple rebuttals, I don’t see any reason to waste my time with such things. I would rather read about someones tangible discovery like uncovering the pyramids or ancient North American Artifacts from days of the Mayans or Aztec. Instead people who rely purely on philosophy seem more involved in stories and assumptions that they almost never look to the most important questions of all, those stated above.


So I am now curious why I would waste time and money to take a philosophy class when I hold the whole concept in contempt. To create a conclusion based on belief and concept does not seem logical to me. Instead I would rather base a conclusion off of tangible fact and evidence of the process that was used to come to the conclusion.


I appeal to those people that rely only or mostly on philosophy to explain how they can use the concepts of others to base their facts on?


I am also curious what your thoughts would be it someone found your philosophy was completely false? Would you argue to your last breath in defense of your philosophy or would you accept the tangible facts and move on?


I urge everyone to ask those simple four questions whenever they read something claiming to be fact, if the information within the text does not answer those questions with tangible foolproof evidence, then you must accept that at some point it will be proven incorrect.


Philosophy like a hypothesis is an educated guess at something unknown. If the unknown cannot be explained with facts and evidence then it should be studied and put to the tests of science and inquiry not explained through assumption and mystical forces.


So, at this point, I do not believe philosophy is worth no more than an exercise to expand critical thinking and reminding us to think outside of the box.



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