Hello everyone, welcome to my blog.

This blog isn’t going to move very fast at first, hopefully it will move faster as we progress but for the time being hopefully I can get about one post a week out at the beginning.


My reason for only expecting to post once a week or so is because I want to perform as much research as possible related to the given subject.


Here are my methods to find relevance within the subjects that I will be focusing on:

  • Read/Listen to the claim
  • Validate the claim through a majority (typically using Internet searches to find others with similar beliefs)
  • Inquiry – I will attempt to contact someone that seems to have a firm understanding of the subject in question and ask questions related to my skepticism.
  • Find proof of tangible evidence
  • If tangible evidence is not obtainable I will attempt to locate solid claims with verifiable proof


Each of these are important by themselves but together in my opinion they create a rock solid case for truth. To get me to completely believe a statement they will have to pass four out of five of these categories. If it passes three, then I will conclude that it is plausible, but not confirmed meaning that more proof would need to be available for a confirmed decision.


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